Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bi-lo --- saved 74%!

I went to Bi-lo yesterday. I haven't done much shopping these last two weeks; the prep for my sister's wedding took up most all my time. Luckily, we had our stockpile to fall back on. I was even able to feed some of our friends, that came for the wedding, without any problems. Of course, now I need to build the stockpile back up!

Trip summary:
I bought a box of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, Philadelphia creme cheese minis, an 8 1/2 pound ham shank, 6 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies, and 7 bags of Green Giant Steamfresh veggies. I had some awesome coupons, so 9 of my 16 items were FREE!

Total before savings and coupons: $46.80
Total out of pocket: $12.15
saved 74%

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