Friday, January 1, 2010

The importance of rainchecks

As I mentioned in my last post, I use rainchecks. Most stores offer rainchecks; Food Lion, Walgreens, CVS to name just a few. I think a lot of people don't use them because of an increasing amount of ads and commercials that say "rainchecks will not be issued". While there are circumstances where rainchecks will not be issued or redeemed, they are not as common as people seem to think. The worst a store can say is no. If you want, check the store's raincheck policy before going.

If you see a great price in an ad and don't see anything prohibiting rainchecks, don't be afraid to ask a manager for one. Rainchecks are a great way to pay a price you like at a time of your choosing. If a store has run out of a sale item, ask for a raincheck. If you know a coupon will be available later for a sale item, ask for a raincheck. If you've forgotten your wallet at home and are afraid the store will run out before you return, ask for a raincheck.

Rainchecks are a little personal sale just for you!

Trip to Food Lion & Save-A-Lot

Yesterday, I stopped by Save-A-Lot. I heard they had some nice deals on produce.  I haven't been to Save-A-Lot in years.  Their produce section was small, but everything was priced low and looked great. Bananas were .33/lb! I also got .75/lb onions. I'll definitely be stopping by again for produce. Unfortunately, I found the rest of the store to be sub-par. The meat section was disgusting.  A lot of stuff on the shelves was processed and expensive. I hope it's only the Save-A-Lot I went to that is like this.

I also stopped by Food Lion.  They have a great B1G1 sale this week on General Mills cereal.  I also had a raincheck I was hoping to use. I did two transactions.

Transaction 1:
I bought 6 boxes of Cheerios. In preparation for a sale like this, I bought .75 coupons off of ebay and printed out 2 $1 coupons from here.

Total before savings and coupons: $22.71
Total after savings and coupons: $6.72
saved 72%! ----- I saved $11.34 by just using my MVP card (never leave home without it)

Transaction 2:
I bought 10lbs of russet potatoes, 5lb Boston butt pork roast, and 2 Smithfield Ham Shank portions (total of 19lbs). I had a raincheck for the ham shanks from last week's sale.

Total before savings: $29.47
Total after savings: $23.22
saved 21% ----- doesn't look impressive but this doesn't include the savings I got from the raincheck.
I paid last week's price of $14.76 instead of this week's price $34.31 for an additional savings of $19.55.
Overall, I paid $23.22 instead of $42.09 ---- 45% off.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emery Cat board - buy 1, get 1 free!

Emery Cat board is a new product to help keep your cat's nails trimmed. Go here to order a set for $19.95 (plus shipping&handling) with a free de-shedder comb and get a set and comb free (with additional shipping&handling). It also has a 30 day money back guarantee. 

This would be a nice gift for someone with cats!

Great deals at Staples starting 1/3

Staples is going to have some great deals this next week. You can see the ad here. I'm very much looking forward to FREE Avery binders after 100% Staples Rewards. If you're needing a binder for coupons, there's no better way to start than free.  The deal on paper is also nice if you print a lot of online coupons.

Please remember to sign up for a Staples Rewards card before going to the store!

Coupon Mom's new book only $9 at Barnes & Noble with code

Barnes & Noble is having a special deal until 1/6 on the Coupon Mom's new book, Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half: The Strategic Shopping Method Proven to Slash Food and Drugstore Costs.  With the coupon code W9A7Y3X, you'll save 40% off the cover price. To make the deal even better, you'll also get 10% off one additional item if purchased at the same time.

The code is for online purchases, but you can go here to print off a coupon for the brick-and-mortar store. Restrictions apply.

Hurry, print your coupons now!

Coupons online get reset tomorrow, so today is your last chance to print them before they disappear. Remember most coupons can be printed twice.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

20% off all nutritional supplements at Earth Fare!

Earth Fare has a new coupon for 20% off all nutritional supplements here. Restrictions apply and this coupon expires 1/5.

Trip to Walgreens --- saved 88%!

Had to make a quick trip to Walgreens tonight because I had a $4 Register Reward that was expiring.  Register Rewards are just like cash (exceptions apply) and I am not one to throw money away.  I didn't see any reason to waste it either, so I took some coupons along to lower my total.

The Honey Nut Cheerios are on sale this week 2/$4 with a $2 Register Reward. *The ad says you have to buy milk too, but the reward will print out without it.* The Sally Hansen La Cross items are buy 1, get 1 this week.  I had 2 $1 Cheerios coupons (go to their website) and a buy 1, get 1 Sally Hansen coupon (Dec All You magazine). Basically, I got those 4 items free!
The little penguin post-its were on Xmas clearance for .99 (I love penguins!).

Total before coupons and RR: $24.07
Total out of pocket: $2.91
saved 88% and I have a $2 Register Reward for next time

Trip to Publix --- saved 86%!

If you read my after Christmas post here, you'll see that I was owed a refund after an item was scanned twice.  I received my refund yesterday and decided to look around since I was already there.  Managers were setting up the new Special Olympics displays.  There will be some great savings in those areas, so keep an eye out for peel off coupons and sale items.

I wasn't feeling too well (hence my lack of posts the last few days), so I just picked up two items.

The candle was free after manufacturer and Publix coupons plus $1.50 overage. The overage was very useful in keeping my total down (I paid more tax than I did for the items). I'll be using the tabs in my new coupon binder.

Total before coupons: $8.72
Total out of pocket: $1.22
saved 86%

It's that time again....a new year about to begin

Now is a good time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions.  While you're doing that, start going through your coupons.  A lot of coupons expire 12/31 so tomorrow will be your last chance to use them! It's also time to weed out the chaff of expired coupons.  Don't just throw them away! Some grocery and other stores do accept expired coupons; check with friends and relatives if there are none in your area.  If you can't find anyone, please consider sending them to military families. Military families stationed abroad can use coupons up to 6 months expired. Please see this post on SouthernSavers for more info.

Great new sweepstakes!

You should totally enter the SwashSweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for two to NYC! If you win, you’ll need that Swash variety pack to take your clothes from crammed in a drawer to out the door. Enter now.You will need to be a member of Vocalpoint. Vocalpoint sends out exclusive coupons/samples periodically, so it's not a bad idea to be a member.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The importance of coupon organization

For most people, when they think of couponing, they think of someone spending hours cutting out coupons and stuffing them into a little handheld plastic organizer.  Heck, when I was a kid, that was how my grandma did it. If that works for you, that's great. However, there are other ways to organize your coupons and I'll explain below.

The first way and maybe the most common is the folder/ring binder method.  This involves cutting out coupons and putting them into a folder or organizer arranged into sections by product type.  For example, a section on household items might contain laundry detergent and toilet paper, but this is completely customizable by the user. It's up to you whether you cut out every coupon or just the ones you'll definitely use. A three ring binder with baseball card sheets and tab dividers are great if you decide to use this method.  The baseball card sheets are relatively inexpensive ($5 for 30 at Target by the Pokemon cards) and your coupons are completely visible and accessible. It also makes it easy to transport your coupons and catch unadvertised sales.

The second method is whole inserts organization.  This is the method I currently use. When I get the Sunday paper, I do not cut out ANY coupons. I keep my coupon inserts intact and use internet databases to locate my coupons when I make my shopping list(s).  It can be very time consuming to find a coupon without internet access, but I like this method because I don't want to be tempted to impulse shop. I take only the coupons I'll need when I go shopping.

The third method is a mixture of the first two methods.  Some coupons, like ones you know you'll use, you cut out and store in binders. The other coupons stay with the insert. I'm going to move to this method soon, because I print out a lot of internet coupons and they need to be organized.  I've also been buying inserts and coupons on ebay and I now have more coupons to sort through.

Feel free to use these methods or even make up your own.  The best method is the one that works for you and will keep you saving!

After Christmas Shopping ---- saved almost 60%!

Did some mega shopping today. Mom and I went to Walmart (2), Earth Fare, Target, and Publix to check out the after Christmas discounts and get some free stuff.

Missing from the pic is 2 large containers of Dean's French Onion Dip. I searched 2 Walmarts to get that 1 box of Ziplocs (the Christmas ones are only $1!).  The ice cream, 1 pie, and the candle were free. The grape juice was .01 at Publix (the penny item from the Sunday ad). The baseball card holders are for coupons (I'll cover that in my next post).

Trip Summary:
I bought 19 items in total.

Out of pocket with tax: $36.20
Savings and coupons: $48.86
saved 57% ----- actually a little more*

*After you get home or after paying, it is very important to check your receipt(s). Sometimes the store will have a survey to fill out with the possibility of a prize, you may make a mistake you can learn from, or the cashier may make a mistake. In this case, my Publix cashier charged me for an item I didn't buy. That item cost almost $3, so my savings are a little more than indicated. Always check your receipts!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

GameFly Year End Game Sale

Save up to 50% on all games plus free shipping until January 4th at GameFly. Now, GameFly games are used, but they are 100% guaranteed and will come with a new case and manual. I've been a member of GameFly in the past and had no problems with their service.

80% off at + $10 gift certificate with any order!

Use the code CHEER at checkout and hit apply to save 80% on your gift certificates at This code makes $25 certificates $2 and $10 certificates .80 (exceptions apply)! Plus, with any order you will receive a $10 gift certificate for to use later to get more savings at local restaurants.