Friday, February 19, 2010

Publix ----- saved 68%!

I also went to Publix Wednesday. I went with Mom and a friend for the senior discount and the great Viva Italia sale going on now. This sale covers Progresso, Green Giant, Muir Glen, Pillbury, and Totinos items. Publix also has a coupon sheet available with store coupons for some of the brands in the sale and a great $5 off coupon for buying 20 items! You can get most of the coupons here, look in store for the $5 one. There should be a display in your Publix or you can ask at the service desk. These store coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons for maximum savings.

Trip summary:
I bought 18 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies. I also bought 3 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (there is a $1 store coupon on the Viva Italia sheet). I also got some jelly for my sister's wedding reception.

Total before savings and coupons: $39.72
Total out of pocket: $12.35
saved 68% ---- my friend saved about 55% this time!

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