Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clearance at Food Lion

I stopped over at Food Lion this afternoon to get some meat. 73% Lean Ground Beef is only $1.37/lb this week! My stockup price is anything below $1.99/lb, so I was pretty excited. Plus, Food Lion has a coupon available for $1 off a $5 meat purchase if you subscribe to their email newsletter!

Now, while I was in there I noticed a lot of clearance stickers. They are orange and rectangular and fairly easy to spot. Sometimes they will cover the original barcode with the clearance sticker if you don't see one on the front of an item. Food Lion is marking down a lot of items right now. I found meat and milk on clearance, that doesn't happen often. The lactose free milk, which is usually very pricey, was only about $1.50 for a half gallon. I was even able to get 10 pounds of chicken for only $3.79.

When you go to your local Food Lion, there should be signs up talking about the markdowns. If you don't see any, please speak to a manager or employee. They may be able to help you snag a great deal!

**See this page on SouthernSavers to print the coupon if you are not a current Food Lion email subscriber**

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  1. oh im kicking myself I went out and got the hamburger (awesome price) and forgot about the flip.