Friday, February 26, 2010

Walgreens ----- saved 79%

I wasn't planning to go to Walgreens this week. I've been doing really well at Walgreens lately, so I didn't think we needed much. Wrong! Good thing I had about $17.50 Register Rewards left.

Trip summary:
I bought Claritin D, 2 boxes Waldryl, lipgloss, valentine tumblers, 4 boxes Excedrin, Goody headbands, Spongebob calendar, 1 2 liter diet 7UP, and 6 2 liters of Canada Dry. I did 6 transactions.

Total before savings and coupons: $69.00
Total out of pocket: $14.25
saved 79% ---- I have $10 RR to use later. The RR deals on the headbands and Excedrin and the FREE 2liter diet 7UP deal run through this Saturday.

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