Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mail Call! Staples, Lego, & Tigi

Today, I got my Staples Rewards from last year in the mail. I now have $16.30 that I can use to buy office supplies from Staples. With the rewards, some of the items I bought last year turned out to be totally free! Sign up for your own Staples Rewards card here.

Lego Club sent me my first FREE issue today. It even has 3D glasses! I was glad to see this because I signed up a few years ago and never received anything. Get your own or your child's own free subscription here.

I also got a surprise package from Tigi today. A few months ago, they were giving away FREE Bed Head "Girls Just Want It" Lipstick sampler with 10 different lipsticks. I didn't post the deal on here, because their site got slammed with requests and I got an error everytime I tried to enter my info. I do my best not to post dead or non-working deals on this blog. Apparently, one of my entries got through. This deal has happened before and I will post it next time.

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