Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mail Call! Staples and Kmart

I got my ink rewards from Staples today. I recycle my ink cartridges at Staples and receive $3 for each one. You can recycle up to 10 each month for rewards, but Staples will recycle any beyond that too (just no rewards). You must be a member of Staples Rewards, but it is so worth it if you go through as much paper and ink as I do.

I also got a letter from Kmart. Inside was a coupon for a $10 gift card with a new or transferred prescription. These coupons are a good way to get "free" money for something you already have to have. I actually got a $10 gift card at Kmart earlier this week using a coupon from their weekly ad. These coupons are also periodically available at Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens; CVS even accepts competitor coupons! A Walgreens prescription gift card is how I started out using Register Rewards, I used it as seed money. Please note that insurance and other factors can affect whether you are eligible for a gift card.

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