Friday, February 5, 2010

Walgreens ---- saved 96%!

Earlier this week, I went to shopping with a friend at Bi-lo, Publix, Earth Fare, and Walgreens. It was lots of fun, but extremely tiring.

I needed a couple of things at Walgreens, so I had a list, but we also raided the clearance section. I didn't have coupons for those items, but we saved about 50% on those items anyway.  It's always a good idea to check the clearance section!

Trip summary:
I bought 2 boxes of Osteo Bi-flex, 5 tubes of Sensodyne, 2 Bayer Breeze2 meters, 1 J&J bodywash(just $4!), 22 bars of soap (in 3 multipacks), 2 lipgloss, chips, eye drops, a hairnet, and about 10 filler items. I did three transactions to maximize my savings and Register Rewards.

Total before savings and Register Rewards: 283.55
Total out of pocket: 10.45
saved 96% ---- My friend went home with all the clearance items (it's good to shop with me :) ).

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