Monday, December 21, 2009

Giving back is not so hard

The reason for my Publix trip today was to buy food for my local food bank. I always gave in school, but since then, not so much. I'm planning to do this next year all year long.

I bought 30 items (plus some free balloons). I tried to get healthier items and things with some kid appeal.

As you can see, everything is name brand and good quality items. Since it is for the food bank, I had to make sure all were non-perishable, so there's no meat or produce. Most of these items were buy 1, get 1 and I had coupons for everything to help stretch how much I could buy.

I split the tax three ways with family members (see last post), so my numbers may be a little inflated.

Total before coupons and tax: $27.59
Total after coupons and tax: $4.04
saved 85% ----- about .13 cents per item (without tax, it was 91% and .08 per item)

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