Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aldi trip

It's been kinda stormy up here, so I only made a quick trip to Aldi's today. Coupons are not accepted at Aldi, but prices are quite low. If you're fixated on buying name brand, you might not want to go to Aldi. They mainly carry their own brands. Make sure you take a quarter; you will need it to rent a cart (you get it back). You will also want to bring your own bags (there is a small charge otherwise). They also do not accept credit cards, but EBT and debit are fine.

It is hard to beat Aldi's prices on produce. I got 3 bulbs of garlic for .79; my farmer's market charges .50/each (savings of .71, almost enough for 3 more bulbs). The price of milk, eggs, and bread is also quite good.

Trip summary:
I bought garlic, a pineapple, 2 heads lettuce, broccoli crowns, 2 cans green beans, and Amy's frozen pizza.

Total out of pocket: $11.87

*I would have paid more like $15 if the items had been purchased elsewhere*

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