Friday, January 22, 2010

CVS ---- saved 99%!

Luckily for me, CVS is right next to Kmart. I actually got a call to head over there yesterday. Over a week ago, I emailed corporate about the lack of Baked Lays at the 3 nearest CVS locations to me (there were no tags for them and I was told stock of perishables was left to chance). CVS had $1 store coupons for Baked Lays available on their website, so I really wanted to be able to use them with a manufacturer coupon. Corporate got in touch with the District Manager and an order was put in for my closest store. Unfortunately, my CVS is very small (a little hole in the wall), so only 4 bags were there when I got there. I picked up 2 bags.

I used 2 $1 CVS coupons and 2 .55/1 manufacturer coupons. I also had $3 in Extracare bucks. The chips were on sale for $3 each.

Total before savings: $7.76
Total out of pocket: $0.08
saved 99%! ----- I also got $1 Extracare buck from diligently scanning my GreenBagTag every time I shop

**It never hurts to ask for what you want. All they can say is no.**

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