Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lane Bryant ----- saved over 75%!

In the latest catalog, Lane Bryant had 3 really nice coupons: $15 off a $15 purchase, 40% off any regularly priced item, and a free Cacique panty with any purchase. Either of the last two coupons could be combined with the $15 off coupon for really great savings!

I've been needing a new belt, so I picked up one for $24.50 (ironically most of the belts were on sale for $14.50, so selection was limited). I decided not to use the free panty coupon since I've been getting so many free from Victoria's Secret lately (I'll tell you how you can too in the next post).

My trip:
one belt regular price 24.50
$15 off $15 purchase coupon -15.00
40% off coupon -3.80
final total 6.23
savings of 18.80----77% off!

1 comment:

  1. i havent received my lane bryant catalog yet...thanks for the deal mom loves when i get her "girft" from there