Thursday, December 10, 2009

Staples trip --- even got free stuff here!

After going to Earth Fare today, Mom and I stopped by Staples.  I knew from reading other blogs that there were some deals on batteries and paper, two things we can always use more of. I made sure to carry my Staples Reward card.

Our trip:
We bought one 20 pack of Duracell AA batteries 12.99
We bought 2 reams of Hammermill 500 copy paper 4.99x2= 9.98
pre-coupon total 22.97.....I used a 15% off any transactions coupon and a .75 Duracell manufacturer coupon

out of pocket total 20.58

Because I used my Staples Reward card, I will be getting back the full cost of the batteries in January.  I filled out the online rebate for the paper and will be getting a check for 7.98 in 6-8 weeks.

final total -.39  (20.58-12.99-3.99-3.99)  Basically, I got paid to shop at Staples today!