Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Preparation for Chattanooga EarthFare Opening Tomorrow

In advance of the opening tomorrow, I went to EarthFare's site and signed up for their newsletter and their Pantry Makeover. Click on My Health Journey to sign up for the Pantry Makeover.

The Pantry Makeover is an unique promotion offered by EarthFare to help rid your pantry of items with icky stuff like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils and replace them with natural or organic EarthFare brand items.  It's very easy; you just sign up to get a coupon and take your unhealthy stuff to get swapped out for the healthy stuff absolutely free! I only eat natural peanut butter, so I'm going to take some Jif with me to swap tomorrow.

The new EarthFare is located at 1814 Gunbarrel Road between Target and Kohl's down from Hamilton Place Mall. The ribbon cutting is from 8-8:15 am. Please check the events calendar as there will be various events throughout the day. Hope to see you there!

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