Friday, December 11, 2009

Great trips to Bi-lo and Publix! part two

After Bi-lo, we headed to Publix (they're on the same road). I didn't need much from Publix, but my friend hadn't ever been to Publix before and was curious. She really liked how nice it was and she was able to sample some pasta she had never eaten before. I have been really impressed with Publix ever since I started shopping there in October. The aisles are wide and clean, the employees are friendly, and the cashiers never have a problem with fistfuls of coupons.

Publix highlights:
I bought 17 items including pet food, cheese, and garbage bags.
** My favorite deal was a Publix coupon for free eggs when purchasing two bags of Sargento cheese. I also had coupons for the Sargento cheeses. I gave my friend the eggs since I got some free last week and we each paid $1.12 for the cheese. She had only recently tried mozzarella, so this was great for her! **

Subtotal before coupons and Publix card: 43.86
Subtotal after savings: 13.56
saved 30.30 ----- 70% off!!!!!

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  1. Great job at publix 70% is always good in my book.