Friday, December 11, 2009

Great trips to Bi-lo and Publix! part one

Yesterday a friend joined me to go grocery shopping. She's had a really hard year, just lost her job, and her food stamps haven't started yet.  Luckily, she has been diligent about stockpiling and didn't really need much at the store. Still, I thought shopping would be fun and maybe we could get some great deals!

Our first stop was Bi-lo. I had never been to that particular store before, so I called ahead to check on part of their coupon policy (this is always good to do before going to a new store). Because they accepted competitor coupons, I took a $2 off a $6 produce purchase coupon from Food Lion. I planned to get some pears for a great price, but unfortunately, they had not arrived yet. Still, we were able to get veggies for cheaper than they would have been at Aldi's.

Bi-lo highlights:
I bought 18 items including produce, bottled water, and meat.
** My favorite deal was on boneless beef chuck roast that was on sale for buy 1, get 1 free. My friend and I split the deal, so I got a roast for about $6! **

Subtotal before coupons and Bi-lo card: 89.27
Subtotal after savings: 47.51
saved 41.76 ----- 53% off!!!!!!!

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