Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saving with a new coupon shopper

I went shopping Wednesday with a friend to demonstrate how to save with coupons. She went to Jenny's (from talk Saturday, so she had a bit of a head start. However, I think going out and actually doing it can be helpful (like learning to drive).

We went to Publix and CVS. I had to scramble to get some coupons together; I wasn't planning to buy much this week, so I hadn't really looked at the ads. Still, I think we did really well.

Trip summary:
She was able to get most of the items on her shopping list, including bread, eggs, margarine, cereal, produce, and potato chips. Some items were out of stock, so we made sure to get rainchecks.

Publix: saved 54%
CVS: saved 43%

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