Monday, January 25, 2010

Mail Call! Olay Rebate & Subway

I received a check today from Olay for $15. I had to buy 2 Regenerist products to receive this rebate. I paid about $4 for both products, so I made a profit of $11 and I got 2 great items FREE! Sadly, the rebate I received today ended yesterday. However, the rebate I mentioned here, you have until January 29 to make your purchases. There is also a rebate on other Regenerist items for $20 that ends February 11.

I also got a postcard from Subway. I don't know if this will go out nationwide, but it is great! It has 3 coupons: BOGO any regular Footlong sub, BOGO any Fresh Value meal, and $2 for any Subway salad with purchase of 21oz drink. Also, Subway now serves breakfast. I think I may use one of these coupons tomorrow!

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