Monday, January 11, 2010

5 FREE items today!

I went to the mall today.  I took some coupons along, so I wouldn't spend too much.  I think I did pretty well; I got 5 items for FREE and I even had a coupon to help with lunch!

Mom and I went to Bath & Body Works with this coupon and got 2 items free. We only paid $4.10 on the other items because a lot of stuff was on sale or clearance (at least 4 bins full). My item was only .82, so I saved 88%. Mom saved 60%. The little travel size items make a great gift!

We also stopped off at Earth Fare. I took along the coupon I mentioned here. I got a tangerine, 2 grapefruit, and a box of almonds for only 11 cents! That's a 98% savings!

-box of almonds
-2 grapefruits
-2 travel size lotions
Overall we saved 80% and got 5 items FREE!

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