Friday, January 15, 2010

Bi-lo ---- saved 99%!

There are some nice BOGO items on sale this week at Bi-lo. I didn't need much, but if you haven't started on your stockpile, Bi-lo is worth checking out this week.

I got 5 Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetable bags BOGO 2/$2 with 5 .50/1 coupons. I also wanted to get Marcal paper towels/toliet paper BOGO 2/9.99 (I have $2 coupons!), but both my nearby Bi-los were out (but I got my raincheck). Also, I had a coupon for 1 FREE 2-liter of SH soda that I got from Bi-lo. I always make sure to fill out those surveys on the receipts; Bi-lo will give you a free item coupon at the end!

Trip summary:
I bought 5 Birds Eye and a 2 liter of SH soda.

Total before savings and coupons: $10.96
Total out of pocket: $0.08
saved 99%!

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