Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mail Call! Muellers, Dulcolax, & Lane Bryant

Got some great things in the mail today! Dulcolax sent me a check for $5. There was a deal at Walgreens late last year on Dulcolax Balance that made it free after coupon and RR. So, I made a $5 profit with a mail-in rebate! The Dulcolax went to charity. Dulcolax is great about having coupons on products and having printable coupons. The mail-in rebate is also still available!

Lane Bryant sent me another $15 off $15 coupon. I used one of these awhile back to make quite a deal when no sale was going on. You can sign up for their mailing list by going to

Mueller's Pasta sent me a 2010 mini-calendar/meal planner. It has meal ideas, recipes, and 12 coupons! Publix has their products on BOGO every so often, so I try to keep an eye on their website for coupons. The calendar/meal planner is still available here, but it is restricted to certain states.

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