Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Publix ---- saved 60%

I've had a craving for bagel pizza lately. Luckily, all the ingredients are on sale at Publix this week! Lender's bagels are BOGO and there is a coupon that should make them about .50 each pack. I also picked up some Kraft shredded cheese for just $2 (cheaper if you have a coupon). Since I'm still working on my stockpile, I also picked up Green Giant Frozen Vegetables boxes for .50 each (here or here).

I was able to get 3 items free this trip: 2 packs of GE light bulbs and 1 box of Scotties tissues (say "no" here when it asks if you use them regularly).

Trip summary:
I bought 21 items. Three items were free and I also got the Penny item.

Total before savings and coupons: $46.36
Total savings: $27.60
Total out of pocket: $18.76
saved 60% ----- .89/item

(I used IHeartPublix and SouthernSavers to help make my shopping list and find my coupons. Thanks!)


  1. When I printed my coupon it said $1.00 off the multipack of Scotties. Did yours say that too?

  2. Nope, mine was for the single one. I think they may have decided to change it or the original campaign ran out of prints.